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Soul Solutions LLC is a company of healing and wholeness-- exploring the world of complimentary healing options with a particular emphasis in Kinesiology. Our goal is to access, absorb and apply the source of healing.

Kinesiology is a way to find the stressors in our body/mind/spirit systems and remove them so we can be free to choose and create health and wholeness in our lives physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.

A New Book By Tawna Burton!

"On January 28, 2004, the author gave birth to a micro-preemie at 22-weeks gestation, weighing 530 grams (one pound, two ounces). Throughout the four-month, consistently unstable NICU course, we are privy to the most intimate thoughts and feelings of the author as she dons the breastplate of motherhood and prepares to do battle for her daughter’s life. As her baby vacillates between life and death, the one consistent theme is the author’s faith that God will sustain them through this harrowing ordeal. We are introduced to the language of the NICU, as well as common practice and experience. Through the eyes of a parent, we go along on an emotional freefall that unites the reader and author in a suspenseful exchange, leaving us mindful of the hardships parents around the world face on a daily basis. At once startlingly honest and breathtakingly redemptive, this book highlights a corridor of personal experience with many doors opening onto the collective human expression of cathartic release. This is a cleansing read."


"You have a special gift and sensitivity which enables you to assist me in discovering my inner desires and potential and releasing the obstacles which have kept me from progressing... I am amazed at your ability to assist me in releasing old patterns and experiences which are not serving me well then replacing them with new patterns and energy which have allowed me to progress forward and deal with the constant stresses I encounter... "
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