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Are you looking for a speaker who is enthusiastic, humorous, and personable?

Do you need someone who understands the work she does with the mind, body, spirit, and can explain things in plain terms?

Are you looking for someone who can present tools that will bring real and lasting results?

Do you want someone to help you see and then apply a new and exciting paradigm?

Speaking is one of Tawna's favorite things to do on the planet! She is upbeat and peppers her presentations with real life examples of what she is teaching. Choose from many topics:

* Remaining centered, happy, and productive at work.
* Plugging in three wisdoms of the Redwoods.
* Utilizing the Power of Deliverance.
* Understanding and using Universal Laws.
* Lessons I learned from my one-pound baby.
* Simple daily energy exercises that bring about joyous living.
* Learning to change the way we see, think, feel, and do.
* Uncovering secrets for changing behaviors.
* Understanding the language of "symptoms".
* Adoption- molding a family from a lump of clay.
* Energy tools to cope with stress and improve your performance at college.
* Empowering children with energy tools and their use.
* Clearing stress and trauma.
* Reconstructing the "Learning Code" we gained at birth.

Tawna will also customize any subject for your particular needs with pleasure and delight.

annual conference

Souls Solutions presents-
3rd Annual Solutions Conference TBA*

Looking to improve your relationship with yourself, your spouse, children, friends, co-workers, extended relations, and the human family? If so, come to an enlightening and refreshing day of classes designed to create genuine change in these relationships. Feed your soul and connect with yourself and others by seeking – and finding – authentic Relationship Solutions.

“I was so impressed and moved by the Soul Solutions conference. I was exposed to new concepts and ideas that have made a significant impact on my life since I attended the first conference last year. I look forward to attending every year! " ~ Erin

Sign up now. You don’t want to miss this!

Conference Information
Date: To Be Announced*
Place: Salt Lake Community College in Sandy, Utah
Karen Gail Miller Conference Center
9750 South 300 West
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Time: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Cost: $65.00 Conference Ticket
$5.00 Lunch Voucher

Or Send a check. Payable to:

Soul Solutions
6057 South Don Jose Dr.
Taylorsville, Utah 84118

Conference Schedule 8:00-9:00 -Registration
9:00-9:40 -Conference Opening
10:00-10:45 -Session #1
11:00-11:45 -Session #2
12:00-12:45 -Lunch
1:00-1:45 -Session #3
2:00-2:45 -Session #4
3:00-3:45 -Session #5
4:00-4:45 -Session #6
5:00-5:30 -Raffle

* Purchase a lunch for $5 more if registered by November 1st. Or you may provide your own.
* Fantastic prizes in a raffle for all.
* Local, national, and international presenters.
* Will fill up quickly!

*TBA the 3rd Annual Soul Solutions Conference has been delayed. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.



Using the exciting world of Kinesiology, explore the innate wisdom of your body and what it is telling you about being restored to a state of health, vitality, and balance.

Presented by: Tawna Burton, Kinesiologist

Come learn about this amazing process, watch a demonstration, and discover easy, doable ways to leave your mind-body-spirit feeling integrated and invigorated.

· Time: 2 Hour Workshop

My most recent workshop was held in Brookings, Oregon. The hosting group was Unity of Brookings. Fifteen people attended and we had a wonderful journey together exploring the world of Kinesiology.

The call these days is to spiritual enlightenment and it is spilling over into all the areas of our lives. We are not one dimensional beings and it is time to change our linear and one dimensional approach to our healing, health, and vitality.

The Body Talk Workshop follows this outline:

Pace—I will lead the group through the “PACE” steps to integrate our brains and our bodies and ready ourselves for learning and comprehending.

Energy ball and circuit—I show that we are electrical beings and are always forming circuits with each other. That is important information to have in order to understand what is happening during a balance.

Group balance—Next we have a group balance using the circuit we have just learned about and experienced in relation to our feelings and expectations concerning the workshop and to remove the stressors off of them.

The remaining education portion of the workshop focuses on the following participant packet information:


1. Kinesiology—An explanation is given of what Kinesiology is and some of its applications.
2. The Brain—We explore the three stages of the development of the brain and their functions as a foundation for further discussion.
3. The Left and Right Brain—The left and right brains are introduced to drive home the fact that neither of them is a spare and we need their integration to function with grace and ease. All of our different dimensions are vital to the whole.
4. The Four Mind-Body States—These four states are effective in beginning to see the place from which we function daily and to get a visual of where we would like to be to function more efficiently.
5. Language Page—This page discusses the languages of the conscious and subconscious brain and their fundamental nature in understanding how to address the body in its response to our own, unique life experience.
6. Homeostasis—The picture of how the body-mind-spirit system desires to stay within workable functioning parameters is investigated next in order to understand what happens to that function-ability when we never address the vast amounts of energy used to maintain our stressors and weeds in life.
7. Why Kinesiology Page—Looks at the blessing of a body of work that can detect and help resolve our stressors and weeds, freeing our energies to create and maintain health and vitality in our lives long before the incumbent disease is a companion in our daily existence.

Balance demonstration—A volunteer is invited to come up and receive a balance for the remaining time with explanations all the way through of what is happening.

Contact me at if you are interested in hosting or attending a workshop like this.

Or call me at 801.599.2253 for more information.

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