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Mid-morning on January 28th 2004, my tiny daughter was born at twenty-two weeks gestation. She weighed 530 grams- or one pound and two ounces in normal talk. In those tumultuous hours I was launched on a journey that would change my life.22 weeeks gestation. 530 grams or 1 lb. 2 oz. 22 Weeks

She was a micro-preemie and was born as early as physicians are willing to try and save these babies. Because of the untimely arrival, she encountered just about all the complications that a preemie can. Her course was a difficult one. Not long after her birth we were advised to decide if we wanted her to live or die. Her prognosis was very bleak. We asked her to choose if she wanted to stay or go- and she chose to stay! We told her we would support her all the way.

Four-and-a-half months later she was released from the hospital and began a ephoch of time that was consumed with doctor and specialist visits. It seemed that they were all awaiting the worst; but I refused to be married to what was being predicted since the outcome was between her and her creator. I knew that no one but them had the answers, so I wanted to hold the space open for all possibility.

It was a year after she was born that I was introduced to Energy Kinesiology and knew that I would be pursuing it with vigor! It taught me that all things are possible and that our body-mind-spirit is intelligent enough to know how to heal with a little support. I had always felt the truth of this and became on fire with the good news of it all.

As instructed I worked diligently with my little daughter every day doing physical therapy, and began to notice a pattern. Every time I would go to the doctors they would shake their heads and say things like, "You have to know that no one expected her to do anywhere near this well." I would shake my head that I did indeed know that, and that I had always known that she would do well.

I learned that the body has a genius grid-work called reflexes. They are inherent in the body and are the foundation upon which all further movement is built. The natural en utero growth and birth of a baby affords this grid-work the supreme environment to develop. These reflexes must be present and integrated for advancement to be made. If missing they are easy to assess and integrate, and have a profound effect on motor development, intellect, and behavior.

As she learned to walk she was presenting a very hemiplegic pattern-or one sided walking. I had been to the physical therapist and we had set some goals for my daughter to achieve 80% of the time within the next several months. The Physical Therapist had given me a battery of exercises to do with her every day. I always felt good about seeing the physical therapist because it was finally a place where I could learn how to help the situation. At that particular juncture I had also recently learned about reflexes and felt strongly about their importance. I resonated with the idea that they were the building blocks innately placed in us by God that give us a foundation to grow and develop upon. It felt right to me that there had to be something before intentional movement to which that movement would be able to anchor. Otherwise there would just be random circuits floating around in the brain that would be accessed on a hit and miss premise. And I could see that happening. Sometimes my daughter would be able to accurately access movement, and sometimes she wouldn't. I knew this was the diving board for me to explore a new way of seeing and thinking. I needed to know for myself. I had, at that point, only been shown how to work with one reflex; and so I did that twice a day for the ensuing month, til we visited the physical therapist again. I was nervous that she would think me a slacker because I had not done the exercises she had given me to do. Instead, as she began to assess my daughter, she became astonished. Her walking had turned to 100% two-sided walking. Then the PT began checking off each and every goal that had been set for the upcoming months. We were both amazed-- her because somehow our little girl had changed so quickly, and I because even though I knew reflexes were important, I was surprised at how quickly and thoroughly the only one I knew had worked.

Makenna todayMakenna today!But walking was not all that one reflex changed. Our daughter was also having trouble with speech. She didn't do it. And her jaw was very stiff, making it difficult to manipulate for speaking. In that same month of time she began talking and constructing little sentences. I was thrilled, as were the specialists. I later learned that the one reflex I had learned to work with, and had employed that month, serves to unlock the joints in the whole body and allow for rotation and manipulation-including the jaw! So while it was clearly all about the ankles, knees, and hips being able to rotate and allow the movement that walking requires, it also allowed the fluid movement of the jaw, and speech followed right on its heels.

Since then I have learned many bodies of work to use in Energy and Neurokinesiology. I continue to work with our daughter and she has made unbelievable progress and is continuing to. I am so grateful to her for bringing me to a place of such enlightenment that blesses her life, my life, my family's life, and my whole community as I use it in my private practice.

I extend the invitation to all to allow a new paradigm and begin to incorporate it into what you already know and practice. It will change your life for good and bring you real and lasting results.


Tawna has a gift to lift others.

"Tawna has a gift to lift others. Her sessions have given me insight about myself. This helps me to understand my feelings which affect my worth and well being. This insight balances me with renewed energy to obtain love and wisdom to help myself and others." ~Sue

I was getting sick just about every 3 weeks.

"Ever since I had my daughter Kate who is now 2 years old, I was getting sick just about every 3 weeks for 2 years! It all started the day after I had her I got a cold that lasted another 3 weeks (3 seems to be a popular number for me). I had everything from cold, flu, gall bladder issues, severe pink eye, puffy allergy eyes, more cough and cold and yet again more cough and cold...

I'd always had a hard time doing anything for myself just because... I always had to have a good excuse to justify me doing something nice or taking time for myself. And I suppose my body was screaming out to me begging for me to take time for myself. So after lots of money spent to doctors in co-pays and getting absolutely nowhere, I decided to go visit Tawna Burton… The session was wonderful, I laughed, I cried, but most importantly we got straight down to the issues and began the clean-up, re-balancing process. I felt safe and loved which in that atmosphere I was able to let go of some of the baggage weighing me down. Come to find out, all the sicknesses really wasn't actually anything physical, it stemmed from my emotions that had been unbalanced for so long.

We finished our session and I went home a new woman...literally, I haven't felt like myself in a long time, there always seemed to be heavy stress put on me, and just by recognizing the problem and rebalancing my emotions I was Rachel again, it was good to have her back. As far as the sicknesses go, I didn't get sick again for a few months but that sickness was due to a virus brought home from the elementary school my husband works at. I've had moments where I slip back into the old self but at least I feel like I can recognize when that happens and I try to take a little time for myself, maybe do a little self talk to find Rachel again. I feel healthy and happy and that was the goal I was working towards. Thanks again Tawna you're wonderful!"


Thank's to Tawna.

"I want to thank you [Tawna] for the strength each of my balancing sessions with you has brought into my life. You have a special gift and sensitivity which enables you to assist me in discovering my inner desires and potential and releasing the obstacles which have kept me from progressing. Your vast knowledge and training in a variety of energy healing modalities has allowed you to discover my particular needs and those things which are missing in my neurological patterns. I am amazed at your ability to assist me in releasing old patterns and experiences which are not serving me well then replacing them with new patterns and energy which have allowed me to progress forward and deal with the constant stresses I encounter. After sessions with you, I have noticed a relief of back pain, stiff neck, etc. and I always leave standing and walking straighter and taller. I also have finished sessions with you feeling a great positive feeling of self worth and ability to accomplish goals and desires. I will be forever grateful and look forward to my next session with you."


Come away feeling refreshed and determined.

"I have enjoyed several sessions with Tawna. She is very clear about what to expect and obviously enjoys the work very much. She makes each session fun and meaningful at the same time. I always gain important insights during a session and it’s fascinating to listen to my body talking! It’s a very relaxing process. I always come away feeling refreshed and determined to take better care of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thanks Tawna, and keep up the great work you’re doing!"

~A grateful client
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